A new species of Indian snakes was named in honor of Slytherin

Indian Oceania from the University of South Gujarat found in the North new guide of vipers.

Snake has bright green scales, which helps to hide in the grass. Initially, the researchers wanted to give it a name, Nagini, but then decided to leave it for new cobras. As a result, they gave the Viper name in honor of Salazar Slitherine — hero from the world of “Harry Potter”, the ability to talk to snakes in their language.

Now a discovery by scientists is named Trimeresurus salazar or “the Viper Salazar,” writes Zoosystematics & Evolution.

Earlier, as he wrote NEWS.ru breed snakes a resident of the U.S. state Indiana was found dead. Her body was a Python with a length of 2.4 meters, wound around the neck.