the Drama series “Normal people” from the “bi-Bi-si” and Hulu has attracted the attention of pop singer Katy Perry, who commented on Twitter the abundance of sex scenes in the show.

the Actress said that the makers should rename the series, giving him the name “we Have much more sex than normal people.”

according to the newspaper The Sun, the series has caused shock and criticism of the audience because of the numerous scenes of explicit sex. Internet users, in particular, jokingly complained that “Normal people” it is impossible to watch with their parents.

the producers of the show previously complained about the porn site Pornhub because of the appearance on this 22-minute compilation of all the erotic scenes of the series. “It’s not only copyright infringement but also, more importantly, a manifestation of extreme disrespect to the actors in the scenes and the crew,” — said the creators of the series to Variety magazine.

Earlier in may, The Independent criticized the “Normal people” for the wrong scenes of BDSM-sex, putting that in the series emphasizes the deviance of violence in bed.

the Premiere of “the Normal people” in Russia took place on 8 may.