At the end of the year. As head of the Department of construction of Moscow Rafik Zagrutdinov, to complete the facade work, the interior decoration, installation of doors, laying flooring, as well as comprehensive landscaping.

the Area of the three storey building is. In the basement will house a cafeteria, technical and service areas, kitchen, staff quarters. On the first floor are closets for spectators, a medical office, the premises of animal welfare and technical premises.

On the second floor, equip the boxes with places for visitors with limited mobility, performance space, rehearsal space, facilities for the maintenance of animal artists. The third floor will be reserved for technological equipment.

the Scene will be made in the form of the arena. The audience will be sitting in the amphitheater, which will be divided into three sections passages with steps. Total will be 336 seats for the spectators, of whom 319 are in the hall, including for visitors with limited mobility, and the 17 seats in the three boxes. Also in a hall equipped with a gallery and walkway for equipment maintenance.

To release animals into the arena projected the main artistic passage width of 4.2 meters and two side entrance for the artists. Around the arena will be a reinforced concrete barrier with a width of 120 millimeters. He will rise a meter from the level of the Manege flooring. In the centre of the arena provided a plunger lift.