A new nature Park appeared in the Amur region

a New natural Park appeared in the Amur region. The centre of nature conservation “Zeya” was the natural Park. The corresponding decree has been signed by Governor Vasily Orlov. It is reported by the GTRK “Amur”.

Status will help to a new level to protect the flora and fauna of the Amur region, to protect from logging and construction sites. In addition, it will allow to organize high-quality recreation for tourists without damaging the environment.

the territory of the center is not very big — just over 3,500 hectares, but extremely picturesque. He appeared ten years ago as a training base for hunters and gamekeepers, as well as environmental education of youth. Gradually there there were cages for animals, eco-trails, fishing, holiday homes. Lived here basically abandoned cubs that just would have died in the wild. Gradually, the number of animals increased. Came became everyone’s favorite wild boar Boris, moose mania.

Now the Park is more landscaped. The conditions in which animals live as close to living in a natural environment. The nature reserve is very similar to the tract Muchinga and attracts many tourists.

Text: GTRK “Amur”