Economy, She Deswaef (25) from Oostakker, began this morning at her new job at a rekruteringskantoor in Ghent, belgium. Well, not literally, at your office, because as a result of the coronacrisis should they got home. So, no tour, no chit-chat at the coffee machine, not a race in the area. “Do it in the quarantine, it is not the first day that you are dreaming of, of course,” said She, “but in the digital as well and I am being perfectly taken care of.”

Enroll in coronatijden is a risky business. A lot of companies have an economic rate of unemployment to seek and running applications that were on hold. In the food industry and logistics, will again, the hands are too short, and the industry seems to be not affected by the crisis, too. At bass performance hall, and a headhuntersbureau for digital and technology profiles from gent (Ghent), started work on Her (25) in the morning of her first day, her first real job. ‘Associative Search’ is her impressive jobstitel. In the dim light which hung in Radio 2 at the line, but by 9 am there was a huge video conference, and could She meet with her new colleagues. “Under normal circumstances, it is the custom here, that a person who learned for the first time in six months in office, continues to be integrated in the group, but they are, of course, in other circumstances,” says the managing director, mr Christophe VanDriessche. “When in 1997, I graduated from college, I would have never imagined that it would be possible, but for Her, this is normal. The adaptability capacity of the young people, it is a long time.”