In late July, the network discussed the thread in which girls shared their traumatic experiences with an expert of the intellectual game “What? Where? When?” and coach school teams Michael Skiscim.

it all Started with the tweet of the journalist of the edition of The Bell Catherine Arenina, which described harassment by Skifskogo when she was 15 years old.

Michael Skipski

Now the sex scandal surrounding intellectual club continued. The publication of “Medusa” has released a new investigation, which contains charges against the master of the club of Friends of Alexander, and a number of regional coaches of school teams “What? Where? When?”.

First friends hugged me around the waist, but at some point, his hand went higher and ended up in the chest area. And he joked something vulgar — can’t even remember what it was, but the residue remained nasty. I’m not experienced with this — neither before nor after. It was an unpleasant discovery

— shared their memories about meeting with the expert on Anne (the heroine’s name was changed at her request. — Approx. ed.). At the time she was 16 years old.

Alexander druz

a Similar situation during photographing is described and the other girl.

We stood up and he hugged us normal waist, and then, when the photographer started the countdown, a flat hand, pressed harder and let go,

she said.

the article States that journalists “Medusa” was trying to contact the Druz, but he refused to comment.

earlier, friends had headed the ethics Commission of the international Association of clubs “What? Where? When?” which was to analyze complaints of harassment among the experts. However, last year the Commission was abolished when the expert was accused of attempted bribery edition of the game show “Who wants to be a millionaire” with the aim to get the right answers.

the investigation also included mention of the harassment and even the novels of coaches with clients in the regional school teams, including in Perm and Kazan. It is noteworthy that these cases also mentioned earlier in the local press. So, in 2019, the Kazan edition of “freedom Square” has published an investigation about the Airat Mukharlyamov. The harassment and attempted rape he was charged with seven girls, who at the time of publication had not yet turned 18 years of age.

In the article “jellyfish” drew attention to the fact that then Skipski urged his colleagues “to defend Mukharlyamov”.

However, the official review of these cases also received: a spokesman for the game show did not respond to calls from journalists.

the Sources of “Medusa” stated that all players of the elite club, involved in the filming, to comment on the sex scandals forbidden. NAPomnem previously the situation Skipsea only commented the General producer of “Game-TV” Andrey Kozlov and the player Rovshan Askerov. They put the words of the girls questioned, but the goats suggested that they want to “hypnoti”.

Andrei Kozlov

According to these sources, the right to speak asked a group of experts headed by Maxim Potasheva, but they were denied.

Potashev in the end still briefly expressed in his Facebook, marking its position and responding to their colleagues.

Maxim Potashev

I apologize to those who have no clue and do not understand what I mean. And those who deem said banality. It is really commonplace, but I find it necessary to fix its position. The phrase “girls who claim harassment, trying to “hypnoti” and “desire to touch known to man and get your minute of fame” I think is flatly wrong. br>
it is Clear that in this life is that anyone, including “HYIP”, but this kind of generalization is invalid. And I would not like anyone believed that I subscribe to something like that. Reply to comments will not,

— wrote Potashev.

Also, according to “jellyfish”, two players, Michael Malkin and the lion of Cartman left the club voluntarily after the scandal with Skeepskin.