The Royal Belgian Handbalbond KBHB, together with the Dutch Handbalverbond entered into an agreement for the BENE-League cross-border league with six Belgian and six Dutch teams, will be extended for a further four years. Along with Belgian side next year with the same teams as the previous season, and share.

“We’ll have this week held talks with the Dutch Handbalverbond the BENE League,” says afscheidnemend KBHB-chairman, Piet Moons. “That went with the success, we have agreed to make this a successful and quality athletic competition, and to extend it for another four years.”

the new season will be in the BENE League, six from Belgium and the Netherlands teams have to each other in the eyes. Along the Belgian side will have to be the same teams going to this year’s edition, which has not been completed due to the coronacrisis at the highest level were: the winner of Bocholt, Wezet, Sporting Nelo, City, city Files.

No champions

at The KBHB, gave further explanation of the competitiehervorming in national and regional competitions, which is in agreement with both of the taalvleugels was carried out. The KBHB will repeat that, because the league, due to the coronacrisis ceased to be, has no descenders, but only decreases it. That’s because not all of the competitions completed, the decision to not make the champions better.

“It was important to keep the unrest at the club, and quickly clarifying,” explains Moons to. “The clubs can now be found in all of the rest of next season are starting to prepare for it.”

Concretely, the sequences of the first and second national men’s next season will consist of ten, instead of eight teams. Also, in the first of the national for the women, there will be two shifts for a total of ten. In belgium, the women take it, just like this year, twelve teams compete against each other. At the regional level, in Flanders, in the men’s three League series of the twelve teams to keep. In the women’s a League series which is now ten instead of eight teams it counts. Along the French side of the men, and a regional series of ten teams and the women’s regional series of thirteen teams.