The banks are asking for cash! A survey in the industry shows that Who hoards in Swiss financial institutions a lot of money, has to pay. But even savers with a medium level of assets in the account need to put on it, to Deposit your money there.

since 1. April does the Bündner Kantonalbank, in the case of newly opened accounts from 250’000 Swiss francs, a negative interest rate of 0.75 percent per year. This means that the assets of The Bank customers is shrinking annually by 1875, the Swiss franc.

the same at UBS. New, the large Bank rises from 1. November a negative interest rate of 0.75 percent on balances exceeding the amount of two million Swiss francs. At Credit Suisse’s private customers have to shell out over a Million on a Euro account with a negative interest rate of 0.40 percent. On saving assets in Swiss francs, the Bank has refrained, so far, a negative interest rate to introduce.

No interest in Raiffeisen

The post Finance required for business and private clients on Swiss franc – and Euro accounts one per cent Penalty rate. In the case of private customers, the threshold is at 500’000 francs, for the business customers of the Austrian Post subsidiary determines the amount of the investment according to its own information individually. Migros Bank charges for over two years, an interest rate of minus 0.75 per cent on the portion that exceeds one Million Swiss francs for private customers and five million Swiss francs in the company.

Quite different in the case of the Raiffeisen banks. The St. Gallen Headquarters recommends its offshoots in the Region, “to be made free of negative interest rates on Savings”. All reserve the right, in the short term, adjustments asked banks.

The key rate is set by the Swiss national Bank (SNB), and, to borrow what is the interest rate commercial banks money in the case of the SNB, can. With the Prime rate of the national Bank controls the monetary policy and the attempt to influence the value of the Swiss franc. Specifically: to weaken the Swiss franc against the Euro or US Dollar.

in January 2015 – shortly after the abolition of the minimum exchange rate is the benchmark interest rate in Switzerland is negative, at minus 0.75 percent. This means that the commercial banks do not pay for the loan of money, but for Creating. In concrete terms, When the banks Park a lot of money at the SNB, you need to pay, less an amount to a criminal rate of interest. Thanks to the negative interest rates the SNB has taken in the last year, 2 billion Swiss francs.

The interest rate has a great influence on the General level of interest rates in Switzerland. Many interest rates as little savings and mortgage interest rates depend on the change in the base rate. Christian Kolbe