a Good example of this – a picture “the Amazing Mrs. may,” which appeared in the theaters on July 30. The main role in it played by Emma Thompson – actress, famous for careful ability to choose the project where it will participate. This is one of the qualities that make her a star of such magnitude, what it is. Her partner in the film – Stanley Tucci. Can be recommended before or after this picture to see or review the TV series, “Years”, with Emma Thompson in one of the main roles. Then the pleasure of its games will last a little longer.

the Film “the Amazing Mrs. may” was released in 2017. The fact that he came to our viewer just now, does not detract from its merits and relevance. The core of the film – a novel by Ian McEwan “the children Act”. If you are familiar with books by this author – one of the best novelists of our time, or with movies in his novels such as “Atonement,” “On the beach”, “Child in time” and others – you understand roughly what to expect. Picture “the Amazing Mrs. may” directed by Richard Eyre – one of the producers of “Redemption”. The premiere was held at the festival in Toronto 2017, and she has been recognized by critics one of the best films at the festival. Sam McEwan admitted that the idea of the novel came to him in the head after he dined in the company of judges, where one of them pulled out their book and read from it a few occasions. The novel was released in 2014. The film adaptation followed only three years later. The authors could have done a painting – “hot stuff”, consisting of egregious cases – stories. Especially in the form of several novellas and built novel. But the authors chose only one story – home in the novel, and the second used to illustrate the work of the judge. The second is the case of the separation of Siamese twins. If the conduct of one of them dies, the other will live. If you do not share – two die. The judge will have to make a difficult decision – what to do. And the first story that became the main one in the picture – a case of blood transfusion for the boy, his religion was not allowed to go to such a medical procedure.

Royal court in the UK is guided before making a decision that at the forefront should be the welfare of the child. And the judge may commit custom action – personally sent to the hospital in order to understand what he wants the boy in a few months will be 18. Neither his parents nor the doctor, nor the prosecutors and lawyers are not able to influence it – only honest conversation with those whose life is at stake. What motivated this decision? Does not the fact that the judge has a choice – it turned out that she is a workaholic, has started his own family so that her husband (Stanley Tu��Chi) announced her he was leaving her for his mistress. Anyway – the judge gives the guy hope that there is real life where people are open and compassionate to one another, attentive to other people’s talents… And the guy chooses life, in the hope that it will be just like that.

But alas… Life is different. And first of all for the judge Fiona may, who long ago painted themselves into a world of conventions, where reputation is important, how a person looks in the eyes of others, where the opportunity to be on the steps of a privileged community and to travel first class, figuratively speaking, does not mean a step back to simple and open relations. A young man beckons the world that he believes is real, where there is friendship and love, understanding and forgiveness, feels cheated so he doesn’t believe in anything anymore and takes the subsequent fateful decision. Judge, if I may say so, filled with fresh blood and his life, but it had to be able to adapt to the reality of… including herself.

Emma Thompson deserves the highest audience and professional recognition for the game in this film, in particular, for the episode, which shows how dependent of their duties trudogolick suddenly wakes up a real woman, able to cry like a little girl because you cannot fix things that eludes even the good judge. Not all the decisions of great judges to be applicable in reality. And in making verdicts in favor of the child, you need to consider that he has with this “well-being”, recognized as adults, need to live. And it is his own life, his way, no one will be held instead.

the Film is good because it shows how much to speak words. Even if it is the performances of the best prosecutors and lawyers who know how to compose your speech at the highest level. In the feed – lots of music, playing the piano and singing is a hobby of the protagonist. But and sublime sounds are not always able to help untangle the complex situation. Royal status – in this case the judge does not allow her to behave like a commoner. But the sentiment is the same.

the Young man in the film plays Finn Whitehead – one of the new sex symbols of Hollywood. The famous Director Christopher Nolan saw this actor, something that allowed him to invite Whitehead in his film “Dunkirk”. After “the Amazing Mrs. may” Whitehead starred in the famous episode of “Black mirror” – “bandersnatch”, so today’s audiences can see his work in this film, from the height of experience with other achievements of the actor. Also in the film “the Amazing Mrs. may” was filmed such stars as Jason Watkins and Ben Chaplin. Actors ensemble managed to give the painting a level, when it is not about the person but about the movie I want to say that he is of high society.

the last thing worth adding – in the poster of the film says “From the producers of the film “love actually” and “Dangerous game Sloan”. What else is needed to convince one that this movie will lift it above itself, for which he will be willing to bow to its creators?