a Resident of the Indonesian city of Medan, province of North Sumatra, suffers from a 40-pound tumor that had grown on his face. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

the 34-year-old Andriadi Putra (Putra Andriadi) was born with a small spot on the face. In my childhood my parents took him to local doctors, but they said that do not worry. However, over time, the stain only grew in size.

When putre was 11 years old, it once again drove to the doctor, who determined that the boy suffers from a severe form of neurofibromatosis — a genetic disorder that affects the growth and development of cellular tissue.

On further examination, the family had no money. To help the family, the business, a couple of years working in the showroom of a shop selling motorcycles. All this time the tumor grew. In 2018, when the weight of the tumor became unbearable, he had to quit work. He constantly suffers from pain.

Now his tumor weighs about 40 pounds and hangs down to the stomach. Putra is hopeful that he will be able to get the surgical operation to remove the tumors, thanks to which he could return to normal life.

Earlier it was reported that on the nose of four boys from the Philippine island of Mindanao has grown a huge tumor resembling an elephant’s trunk. The doctors found that the tumor was not malignant, but its further growth can damage other organs.