Builders in the Polish city Zambeze found in the spire of the Church of the XVIII century, a time capsule Dating back to 1797. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Message from the past discovered during repair works in the Church. Inside, city officials found coins older than 200 years and documents written in German. In the XVIII century the city was called Munsterberg and was part of the Kingdom of Prussia.

The mayor of the city of Mariusz Spoilerific (Mariusz Szpilarewich) said: “Everything indicates that this may be one of the oldest time capsules found in the world.”

The documents found relate to the construction of the Church, which was built in 1797 on the site of the castle of the XV century. They mention the names of the people involved in the work, and those who donated funds for the construction.

It also found documents and photographs that date back to 1902-1903 years. According to city officials, they are seriously damaged and could be hidden during a previous repair.

In particular, the discovered newspaper Muensterberger Zeitung of 20 August 1902 and Evangelical prayer books. One of the papers was a note from two women who donated money to build a Church.

“These people wanted to tell us what was here and put heart and life into the building, and now we have to catch them and to take care that they left,” said the mayor.

The documents are fully translated and preserved, after which they will be put up as a Museum exhibition.

The oldest capsule in the world also dates back to XVIII century and was found in Boston, USA. Polish the capsule is two years younger than Boston.

Earlier it was reported that in the us city of Montclair, state of new Jersey, the workers went through in College repair work and found the wall a message in a bottle dated July 3, 1907. In a note hidden in a bottle of beer, said that the wall was built 112 years ago, the two builders of the city of Newark, new Jersey, William Hanley (William Hanly) and James Lennon (James Lennon).