as of Monday afternoon, blocking the vehicles in front of the Gotthard South portal on a length of 10 kilometers, as the transport service Viasuisse said. This corresponded to a period of about two hours. Viasuisse expects the resolution of the traffic jams after midnight.

Major Route the volume of traffic on the San Bernardino, many travelers tried to avoid the long traffic jams on the A13. This detour was worth, according to Viasuisse only conditionally, even there, the traffic was building up.

This year tourists had already decided on Saturday for the return journey, it means more. As the holiday traffic began to jam on this day, in front of the Gotthard South portal to a length of eight kilometers. Particularly high the rush on Easter Sunday, up to ten kilometers of the dam amounted to the evening. Due to a breakdown vehicle, the Gotthard tunnel was closed on Sunday evening also at times in both directions.

Already on Thursday, the traffic in front of the North-South had started to jam the connection, in the evening, the column was eight kilometers. On good Friday morning, the vehicles between erstfeld UR, and Göschenen UR accumulated to up to 14 kilometers.

Due to the winter barrier at the Gotthard, Great St. Bernard and San Bernardino Pass, were not these passports as alternative routes available. On the San Bernardino Route, the vehicles were heading South on the morning of good Friday, also eight kilometers.

passengers were out in droves on the way: The trains in the direction of the South were busy Maundy Thursday and good Friday, in spite of the beautiful and warm weather in the German part of Switzerland, the Compounds according to Milan partly derecognized, as the SBB-media office announced on Monday. The travellers with destination Ticino were drawn to the national Compounds.

on both sides of the Alps, the Easter weekend was pleasantly warm, as it was called at the request of the news Agency Keystone SDA at MeteoNews. On Easter Monday, it was Binningen in the North with 24, and 6 degrees in Basel-the highest temperature of the last holidays measured. In Ticino, the Thermometer reached on Monday in Locarno to 20.4 degrees, in Lugano, only 18,9 degrees. After all, it was in the South on Saturday and Sunday similar to hot as in the North.

The Easter weekend gave the Switzerland, therefore, the so far warmest day of this year. In some regions of Switzerland, it was the Saturday, Sunday or Monday. It had to do with the clouds that veiled the sun. Also, due to the Sahara dust veil of clouds, formed partly diffuse, it is more meant for MeteoNews.