Svetlana Tikhanovski

this Sunday, August 9, in Belarus presidential elections will take place. Around them lately, there’s been a lot of noise: it all began with the mass protests of residents of the country in may, the arrests of opposition candidates and withdrawn candidates from participation in elections and came to the “Russian trace”, when in Minsk was arrested a group of Russians suspected of PMC Wagner. br>
As noted 65-year-old incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to the country they came to destabilize the situation ahead of the elections. And she must say, and so restless as more and more people take to the streets of Belarusian cities in support of the 37-year-old Svetlana Tikhanovski women who decided to challenge the leader, who has ruled the country for more than a quarter of a century. About how she decided to take this bold step that he wants to change the country and why is not afraid to talk about it, talk in our material on SPLETNIK.RU.

Education and early career

Svetlana Tikhanovski (nee Pilipchuk) was born in the Belarusian town of Mikashevichi, where she lived with her parents and sister. After graduating with a gold medal school, she entered the philological faculty of Mozyr state pedagogical University, where he received a degree in “foreign languages (English and German)”. After graduation, she worked as an interpreter in different companies, as well as in the Irish charity Chernobyl Life Line, which provided aid to victims of the Chernobyl accident.

In the last few years, Svetlana worked and devoted herself to raising children: four daughters and 10-year-old son.

Forced entry into politics

In a policy Svetlana would probably never have come if not her 41-year-old husband — blogger and entrepreneur Sergei tikhanovski. Initially he put forward his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election, but the CEC to register him refused. In the result, she managed to apply for registration and was among the candidates. Now she is the candidate of the United opposition.

Her husband, who was under arrest, when sue decided to file the documents for registration at the election, the decision of the wife did not know in advance and admitted that it shocked him.

I was shocked when I found out that the Light has applied for registration of his initiative group. We’ve never talked about this. I already sat down where he stood. Thought someone on our team advised her, as it turned out, she decided. Did not expect this, of course. Already know what she did to save me, and that was the opportunity to continue the election program. Svetlana didn’t discourage me from ��that all. At first worried, of course, is not, as I understand it. Now, so what will be will be. She as the wife of a Decembrist already,

he said.

Sergei tikhanovski

Tikhanovski admitted that politics never interested, and went to the polls only once, when she was 18 (she has voted, by the way, Alexander Lukashenko).

on may 29, the husband of Svetlana Tikhanovski, who became the head of her election headquarters, were detained in the campaign to collect signatures for nomination of his wife for the presidency. Everything happened in the best tradition of poorly-orchestrated performance: Sergei was accused of causing injuries of varying severity to the employees of internal Affairs bodies. During a search of the house Tikhanovski was found 900 thousand dollars. According to the blogger, the money was planted on him, his wife also said that never before did not see them.

Sergei tikhanovski openly criticized Belarusian authorities on his YouTube channel “Country life”. He talked about the lack of transparency of the elections, corruption and lawlessness of the Belarusian officials.

Now tikhanovski is in jail in Minsk, where they will stay until at least September 29. Recently he presented new charges: now he is accused of preparing mass disorders and incitement to hatred against the security forces. Demanding the release of Sergei Tikhanovski and his associates has made the European Union.

Program as President

Svetlana Tikhanovski honestly said that if elected as President she will soon resign and announce elections. It’s right makes it clear that the policy is understood not too much, and indeed would not have gone there if not for the detention of her husband, but she sure elections should be fair and transparent, and the country should be governed by a competent person who will do everything for the good of his people.

If it does become President, in this position, she will stay for about six months — only after such period according to the Belarusian laws, it is possible to hold another election. First thing Svetlana, — released all political prisoners and return of illegal penalties to all people.

I’m not here for the sake of power. If I win, then in six months starting a new honest fair elections with participation of all candidates. For the first time in 20 years, we have so much strength that we can win this! We have two choices: continue to listen to the promises, or to build a new country. I am a simple man, a woman and a mother who is willing and able to make our life be what we deserve

said she.

She also said that the return ��adactio the 1994 Constitution, according to which the President can be elected only for two terms.

however, she hinted that the other major change in its short term is not going to happen, she even said that he would not dismiss the former officials. Only those who seriously violated the law, will lose their job places.

Everything as it was, and will remain so. The main thing is to preserve stability and to appoint fair elections

she said in an interview with “KP”.


After registering his candidacy Tikhanovski was to hold pickets, which were in front of all the audience. July 19 on the streets of Minsk in support of Svetlana came out more than seven thousand people, and on July 30 on the official rally in support gathered 63 thousand people. It became the most mass rally in Belarus since 1991.

Rallies in support Tikhanovski held in many Belarusian cities. Her supporters point out that most of them comes a youth. The candidate itself speaks to the audience and speaks honestly about what goes to the President for her husband and the Belarusian people.

According to those who come to protests, protests peacefully, and even law enforcement are very polite. Protesters hope for change and noted that with the emergence of candidates Tikhanovski they finally had hope for a bright future.

Today Belarus will host a regular rally in her support, which will be held in the capital Park of peoples ‘ Friendship. But he, it seems, will not be without obstacles. A few hours ago, was arrested the head of the election headquarters Svetlana Maria Moroz (the reason for the detention is not reported), and the team Tikhanovski not allowed to unload equipment for the event.

Veronika Tsepkalo, Svetlana Tikhanovski and Maria Kolesnikova

Odds election

In the elections for the President of Belarus Alexandr Lukashenko and Svetlana Tikhanovski, will be attended by three candidates: Anna Konopacka, Andrey Dmitriev and Sergei Ceresna. But they are almost unheard of.

the country’s President Alexander Lukashenko, who seems confident in his victory, said that serious competition Tikhanovski he will not make. He called her and two other wives of opposition politicians Valery Tsepkalo and Victor Babariko (he is also in jail), also registered for the elections, “poor girls.”

an army of Internet trolls, media provocateurs working day and night to destabilize the situation in the country. What are you doing? Found three poor girls… They don’t understand what they read. That you them write: let the politicians, economists, drug addicts and criminals, we will hold fair elections and we will live… They do not understandt what they say and what they do, he said.

in addition, Lukashenko believes that the position of the President of Belarus is not for women.

our Constitution is not under a woman. And our society is not Mature enough to vote for a woman. br>
we Have the Constitution such that even the man hard to bear this burden, and if it is loading at the woman, she collapses, poor guy,

— said the head of state.

Then he did and offered to rewrite the Constitution (how about the amendments, Alexander G.?).

We need up to the Constitution to write the definition to the post of the President could not claim the person who did not serve in the army. Which he is the commander in chief, if you do not know what the army

— said Lukashenko.

Tikhanovski, in turn, themselves and their fellow members, Veronika Tsepkalo and Maria Kolesnikova calls “three military girlfriends”.

it So happened that I had to get up instead of their men, says she.

Maria Kolesnikova, Svetlana Tikhanovski and Veronika Tsepkalo

However, experts believe that the Lukashenka to survive still stands. Every day ratings Tikhanovski grow, while it markedly falling.

In his speech on the Belarusian TV Svetlana openly spoke about what is happening in the country and lies, broadcasted by the media.

the television will not show that Lukashenka is supported by very few people, that people who are lacking the riot police, just peacefully walking down the street that a large part of the population lives in poverty that the coronavirus has died more people, than say alternative candidates planted, because they were the majority, but it’s true,

she said.

She realizes that he is trapped in a dangerous game, but does not intend to retreat. In June she received anonymous calls demanding to stop participating in the elections, otherwise threatened to take her children. However, that didn’t stop her. The son and daughter she sent for a time to Europe, and she continued to engage in political activities.

She says her life has changed dramatically, but it will go forward no matter what. About his decision to take part in the elections she, by his own admission, does not regret. In the end, if not she, then who?