the Opening of this French krimmen, “Night” by Bernard Minier, is surprising and as taken out of a nordic crimea.

We find ourselves in a freezing cold, exotic land, far to the north. Norway. A policewoman takes the Railway over the mountains to investigate a horrid murder in st. mary’s church.

the Hunt for the killer leads her out on an oil platform in the north Sea. Mountains, old churches, boats and oil platforms – a Norway in miniature.

the Inspector and the death

So does the story jumped to Toulouse in France where politiinspektør Martin Servaz comes in klammerier with a voldtektsmann.

Servaz hospitalized in a coma, with a hole in the heart. The inspector has out-of-body experiences where he sees a happy river of people and a lystunnel.

After a little for a short recovery is still Servaz back on the job just in time to receive a visitor from the far north. It is the Norwegian the white Kirsten Nygaard. She is hunting a French murderer.

Thus, the association restored to the man who is motpolen to Servaz in this series – his nemesis and the nemesis, psykopaten Julian Hirtmann.

Pursuit of a child

the Introduction is strange, difficult, exciting and quite well-written. Then collect the intrigue and get a more clear direction.

It is to find a child, a lost boy where the only thing known is a photograph and a name, Gustav. This is also the first name of Gustav Mahler, favorittkomponisten to both Martin Servaz and Julian Hirtmann. It is not random.

Child emphasizes skjebnefellesskapet between the good and the evil power of the darkness of this literary universe. The hero and seriemorderen is even more intimately tied together than Sherlock Holmes and professor Moriarty, or Harry Potter and Voldemort.

With the starting point in a relatively down-to-earth politikrim, is drawn a further universe that recalls the more about skrekkens, myth is, religion or superheltenes.

It is a long way exciting and eerie, with generous doses of cultural and literary references, from Edgar Allan Poe and Goethe to Lovecraft and Robert Louis Stevenson. But is it really trustworthy? Here I have my doubts.

< p> Exciting and sought

Furthermore, Minier a incontrovertibly facility to conjure grotesque villains, of all genders.

In this book, we particularly noticed a pair of icy’s, which runs most of the men a high time when it comes to sadism and forbidden desires. Here it is not just “Fire under ice”, as Hitchcock said about his favorittblondine Grace Kelly, there is more talk about a flaming inferno.

the Intrigue is confusing, complex, with large enough holes that you can stick a blunt object through them. And grunnpremisset, which I shall not divulge, but who goes on the intimate connection between the detective and psykopaten, is sought.

This is a novel I have difficult to say either yes or no to. Stylistically I think the Minier is good, although he may be slightly winded. Here we find the strong, scary scenes. He is very skilled in to conjure the uncanny, often combined with a kind of lummer, sadistic eroticism. He also has a separate layer to keep the tension, an instinctive feeling for suspense. But there are also clear weaknesses here.