A hurricane left the five-storey building without a roof in Novorossiysk

Repair of a residential house on the street of the Tips in Novorossiisk will be delayed for several weeks because of the stormy wind, which carried the future roof of the building. Materials “naughty” scattered parked cars, damaging five of them.

These shots were taken in the afternoon of 18 March, when the gusts of the Nord-OST reached 20 meters per second. During the next “RAID” the wind has stolen from the roof of the packing sheets and the like in the card trick, handed over the sheets like a fan.

the Enchanting flight of the materials was completed on the cars, five cars felt the brunt of the snap-in roof. No one was injured.

the night wind was sore in the city, gusts reached 29 meters per second, on Thursday, he will continue to experience Novorossiysk strength.