The daughter of actor Nikolai Merzlikin Oksana complained of harassment by a homeless man. She told about this on the air of the program “Live broadcast”.

The woman said that once she felt sorry for a homeless man and allowed him to live in her car.

” I just felt sorry for him. I thought it was for a while, but it was all delayed. Now I can’t get rid of him, he’s chasing me,” Starhit quotes her.

Once, when Oksana asked to leave her alone, a homeless man attacked her with his fists.

“My ribs hurt for a week. I wrote a statement to the police, but they said-figure it out for yourself, ” the woman complained.

The stalker himself appeared on the program. He stated that he and Merzlikina had a romantic relationship, she was worried about him and called him back herself when he disappeared.

” Now I live in Oksana’s car. Not in the apartment, because I’m hiding from her mother. If it wasn’t for Oksana, I wouldn’t be alive… I do not claim her living space, I only need her. Yes, I wait for Oksana in the morning, but not because of any need. I’m just walking with her, ” the pursuer explained.

He also said that he feels guilty because of the beating and asked Oksana for forgiveness many times.