A handful of soil from the fighting near Rzhev give to the Church in Belarus

the event was attended by members of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Deputy Union state Secretary Viktor Sirenko, the representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia, the Embassy of Belarus in Russia, the veterans of the war. It is expected that 5-6 March during the visit of the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko in Minsk capsule with the ground will pass in a temple-monument in honor of All the Saints.

the Land was taken for the left and right banks of the Volga: “Height-200” near Polunino village and the monument of the Unknown soldier near the village of Kokoshkino.

Photo: Roman Serbenkov/UNION set the figure of a soldier memorial Rzhevsky

From Rzhev to Polunino about four kilometers, can be reached within an hour. To release this territory, our troops took almost six months. For the very Polunin fighting was going on almost a month. Just outside the village field and a small hill is the “Height-200”. In the fighting for this patch of land was lost about 70 thousand soldiers. On the right Bank of the Volga river, village Kokoshkino, another site of fierce fighting. The old-timers called it the valley of death. After the war, the locals refused they plow – the solid bone.

Each of the participants of the ceremony, scooped a handful of earth and poured it into a soldier’s pouch.

As noted by Senator Alex Kondratyev, this action is of particular importance. Here, on Russian soil, and there are Belarusian blood.

Deputy Union state Secretary Viktor Sirenko convinced that Rzhevskaya earth will find its rightful place in the temple-monument in honor of All the Saints. “This soil with many significant for Belarusians places, – said Viktor Sirenko. – This is our common ground, it is with honor and valor to defend our ancestors. In Belarus and Russia is good know what the hardships and privations of war. Therefore, it is essential that we keep the memory of it. That is why the Federal government is involved in the creation of Rzhev of the memorial to Soviet soldiers.”

At this time

– We may consider Rzhevskiy memorial to Soviet soldiers as an object, which contains all the post-Soviet space, – said the head of the Scientific Department of the Russian military-historical society Yuri Nikiforov at a press conference in MIA “Russia today”. It was attended by the authors of the monument – sculptor Andrei Korobtsov and architect Konstantin Fomin.

At the press conference was the start of the campaign to collect photographs of soldiers who fought in the Rzhev-Vyazma area. Photos will be used in the design of the branch of the Museum of Victories, which is now established at the foot of the memorial under construction.

– it is Important – said Yuri Nikiforov, to the names of the victims were not just taken from some database, and that there was a specific history. It is impossible to tell to our children the story of the war, just “showing arrows on the map”…

Photo: courtesy Park Number of photos of soldiers for “Roads of remembrance” close to a million

Stories and pictures can be sent in electronic form on the website Podogrevom.Of the Russian Federation. Simply fill out a short questionnaire to provide information about the combat path of the loved one and to make his portrait photography. Photos are accepted until may 9, 2020.

According to the authors of the memorial, work on the creation of the monument is on schedule, has been completed and Assembly of the Central 25-meter figure of a Soldier. Started assembling the bottom of bronze cranes.

– in Parallel, multiple processes, – told the sculptor Andrey Korobtsov. – Along with installation popular great cranelay thorough seams, work begun to tinted bronze figures of a soldier and coating it with wax, as required by the technology. To avoid interference, the sculpture is entirely “wrapped” forests and awning, to see the figure of a Soldier now can only be the day before the opening of the monument.

…Opening on may 9 this year Rzhevsky memorial to the Soviet soldier will be one of the Central events of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory.

to Contribute to the creation of the memorial and everyone can – fundraising is conducted through the Internet platform of the Russian military-historical society GIFT.HISTORY.Of the Russian Federation. To date, 309 782 689 Russian rubles. Need 650 million.