Jupiler Pro League-in Spite of the tax beneficial regime to put more and more of the Belgian clubs and their players, their technical unemployment. From the post sounds like there’s an understanding, “though it is the ethical or”. The top teams will get a warning message.Especially in the Standard search and the edge of the acceptable, on the.

“We call on the parties not to rely on unemployment.”

See, Still no agreement on salarisvermindering to the Standard

The message coming out of the Pro League, its members, and a week and a half ago, and it was clear. Players who are on unemployment are set to become the de-facto paid for by the tax payer. This coronacrisis, that the whole of society and the economy, and in the heart it affects, it is not the time to rely on the social security system. After all of the threads on the reduced SOCIAL security contribution for artists, professional athletes, and more specifically, to the earners in the game of football.

How you can become a part of the cast of actors are on unemployment, while the rest of the note is?

Stu, has its roots from the spelersvakbond Sporta

get The phone call awarded and partly by ear. The management of Anderlecht, with Karel Van Eetvelt and the outgoing CEO, mr. Jo Van Biesbroeck, two socially conscious figures in the financial taking the plunge, I chose omde players have to do is turn it in. The players at the unemployment place, it would be the clubkas for a good cause. “In addition to the problems you have with your players, which in social terms is not taken into account” in the sound of the house.