A resident of the UK for 10 years ate only chips and bread for eating disorders and was cured by hypnosis. This writes the Comic Sands.

In three years, Izzy Cole (Izzy Cole) started to abandon her mother prepared food and throwing tantrums, if she was forced there by force. Over the years the problem has worsened and the doctors could do nothing to help. At school, the British could not eat with peers.

According to Cole, it had a great impact in social terms.

“I was in that age where having friends is very important, but I felt that may not be on the same wavelength,” she confessed.

In the end she could only have chips and bread. Other products caused her panic and vomiting.

One day the girl’s mother accidentally saw the advertisement of hypnology and clinical therapist who specializiruetsya on the problems with the food. The hypnosis session lasted two hours and in the end helped the girl. After leaving the office of a specialist, she immediately ate taken with a sandwich.

“I was standing on the street, eating pineapple, and cried,” she confessed.

In January it was reported that the mother of two children in the English city of Winchester, County of Hampshire, from his childhood lived on a diet of chips, chicken nuggets and crackers and died from malnutrition at the age of 32. She suffered disorder of electoral power. The British did not change their taste preferences even after 2019, the doctors told her that she will die, if it is to continue to eat.