One of land of local history museums in the German Lower Saxony initiated the creation of the exposition devoted to the coronavirus in the region. The pandemic had not subsided, but now it’s time to think about how to incorporate it into the Museum, decided guide. Therefore, the Museum, the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, appealed to the countrymen with a request to send him future pieces for an upcoming exhibition.

According to Museum Director Wolfgang Ian, it may be, for example, the fashion or the original facial protective mask. Welcome also photos of homemade masks or, say, bags with which the people go for shopping for themselves and their neighbors. In addition, Museum workers are all the different things that would show how it had been (or still is) teaching students remotely. Also from the residents accept the stories and material evidence, what games they prefer sitting at home all day, what a show – music, dance – preferred online. In short, everything that could testify to the time and conditions of quarantine, including written narratives.

“We presume, jokes, Wolfgang, Jan, that creative urge our residents to be as contagious as COVID-19”.