Eight people on the american aircraft carrier “USS Theodore Roosevelt” is infected with the virus. Four is evacuated.

the Number of virussmittede crew members on the u.s. aircraft carrier “USS Theodore Roosevelt” increases.

It writes The Wall Street Journal.

a Further five is thus tested positive for the coronavirus. Tuesday was the first three smittetilfælde discovered on board.

People from the united states navy will provide to the newspaper, four of the eight infected sailors have been transported to a hospital on the island of Guam.

The remaining will also be evacuated to Guam, which is located in the western part of the Pacific ocean and has status as a special territory under the UNITED states.

Admiral John Aquilino, who is the commander in chief of the US pacific fleet, says the navy is working to “minimize further infection” with coronavirusset.

the aircraft Carrier and its crew of over 5000 people was last in the port two weeks ago, in Da Nang in Vietnam.

But according to the USA’s acting secretary of the navy, Thomas Modley, can the crew members have incurred Covid-19, which is the name of virussygdommen, from a source other than an infected person during landing, because the members of the flight crew has abandoned the aircraft carrier visit.

The three persons on Tuesday tested positive for the virus, was the first on board an american warship in active service.

a total Of about 200 u.s. military personnel affected by the Covid-19, according to The Wall Street Journal.