The hills to the Mayor of Nieppe in France, the limit to Zakstraat are in Nieuwkerke and again opened, but only on the territory of the country.

The church Heuvellandsloot on Monday, a number of border crossing points with Frankrijkaf for the movement, after the government introduced a ban on on to stick. The police have asked for the border in a few places actually to close down because of the police, not all of the transitions 24, 24 hours to keep an eye on. Even at the height of the Zakstraat in Nieuwkerke, that happened with a lot of ground. On the French side, and let the mayor of Nieppe which is now removed. “On the one hand, on the streets of Belgium, while the other side is France,” said Wieland, The The, the ships in the Area. “The mayor had not yet been given his power to the limits, to shut down and, therefore, of the earth, which is the French territory of the lag. The West-Flemish governor, gets in touch with his former colleagues in order to come up with a solution.”