Ukrainian journalist and human rights activist Yuri Aseev, who served previously in the assault battalion “Aydar” told about the methods that were used to captured the militia of the breakaway republics. Their memories about 2014 he shared with the publication “Spectrum”.

In an interview Aseev told about how in 2014, he was sent to interrogate militiamen from the village of Happiness. According to him, the prisoner was in serious condition, to stand alone he could not, and the conditions of his detention “was not humane”.

“I approached the camera and asked him to leave, he replied that he could not. Then he lifted his pant leg and it sticks out a leg bone. Around the bones are already black. He sat on the floor with your legs straight ahead, around the utter lack of sanitation. I asked whether the doctor. No one was there. After some time he died,” he said Aseev, explaining that the doctor was not allowed to see the prisoners as the head of a battalion Sergey Melnichuk in Kiev was on another political show.

“Earlier I said that one of the prisoners sawed off the arm… I heard someone screaming creepy voice in the basement,” he continued.

According to Aseev, when Melnychuk returned to the position he’s in sharp form he had expressed. “After our conversation, he went ballistic and ordered me to put in the basement, and later I was expelled from the battalion”, — concluded the journalist.