A former defendant in the

Former defendant in the a Former defendant in the “Moscow business” Daniil Konon sued 100 thousand rubles for illegal charges and searches
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a Former defendant in the “Moscow case” student MSTU named after Bauman Daniel Konon sued 100 thousand rubles for illegal criminal prosecution, said the head of the International human rights organization “Agora” Pavel Chikov with reference to the lawyer of Gregory of Hearts.

Conon intends to appeal the decision. He demanded from the authorities compensation in the amount of 1.2 million rubles for the illegal charges of participation in mass riots during the protest on 27 July and unlawful searches. At the meeting, the lawyer petitioned for the increase in the amount of the claim up to 1.4 million rubles according to the current exchange rate, as previously this amount was based on the jurisprudence of the European court of human rights.

pure said that Conon was experiencing a negative psychological and emotional States: it has not been previously convicted and was therefore not mentally prepared for such a situation, transfers “MBH media”. The student, justifying the need for rehabilitation, noted that the media was told about him as about the offender, and as an example showed the judge the newspaper of RBC.

the Representative of the Ministry of Finance did not attend the meeting. The judge in response to the arguments plaintiffs have claimed that Konon was illegally detained for 30 days, but 15 days under administrative arrest, so the amount of compensation should be different. “The court in particular referred to the practice of a set-off criminal arrest as administrativetion. It is completely new and, in our opinion, unlawful. Therefore, we will be judged on,” said Konon “Novaya Gazeta”.

Daniel Konon was detained August 3, 2019 on suspicion in participation in mass riots at a protest in Moscow on July 27. According to investigators, he “coordinated riots”, showing protesters where to go. September 3, amid mass campaign in support of defendants in the “Moscow case” the prosecution of Konon was dismissed for lack of evidence. In SK have explained that their actions at the meeting should qualify as an administrative violation.

Lawsuits demanding compensation from the Ministry of Finance for the illegal prosecution also filed by former defendants in the “Moscow business” Alex minaylo (1.5 million rubles), Sergey Ananichev (500 thousand rubles) and Vladyslav Barabanov (1.2 million rubles). Moneychanger could sue only 150 thousand rubles.