A firefighter was hurt while extinguishing a nursing home in Moscow

Video: Moscow 24

a Firefighter was hurt while extinguishing a fire in a nursing home in the West of Moscow. This was announced by the Deputy mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov.

According to him, the rescuer during the evacuation, “he gave his mask to the patient and he inhaled combustion products, reports TASS.

Biryukov added that the fire was preceded by cotton in the boiler room. The fire area has made 300 square meters.

Also taken steps to ensure that all guests transferred to other pensions in the area of Olympic Avenue.

this will involve ambulance. “Provide the contents of the lodgers,” Biryukov was quoted by RIA Novosti.

the Fire broke out in the building nursing home “the Third age” on the 3rd Myakininskaya street house 12, Wednesday evening, April 8.

According to recent reports, the fire killed two people, injured more than 10, about 50 people were rescued.

At the moment the fire is liquidated. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case. On the scene forensics.

rescuers liquidated a fire in a nursing home in Moscow

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