a relative of a friend of the family, Ramzan Kadyrov received in Moscow a real term for the justification of terrorism. 28-year-old Yahagi Khalimov, an employee of a cleaning company from Kaliningrad, has published three videos about the Chechen war and was sentenced by the Second Western district military court to three years and six months in a General regime colony.

As it became known “MK”, the young man was detained in Kaliningrad in the end of December last year. Questions to Hulimavu appeared after he published on his page in “Vkontakte” of the rollers of the first Chechen campaign. Most of the FSB is interested in the minute video entitled “They won the war”. Thus, in particular, in the video it was said that “the resistance of the Chechens was something heroic”, “they showed enduring morale” and “drove the Russians out of Grozny”. The investigation considered that posting these videos, Halimov has justified terrorism.

a Native of Chechnya Khalimov left his homeland at age six, when they launched military action. With his mother he moved to Kazakhstan. There the convict danced in the Chechen-Ingush ensemble “Vainakh”, participated in international competitions, played football, worked as a security guard. There he married and after marriage decided to move to Kaliningrad.

the young man admitted that he had published these videos, but to promote or justify terrorism did not intend.

it is Noteworthy that grandparents Khalimova and the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov were born in the same village in Kazakhstan, worked on a mine and lived in the neighborhood. When Ramzan Kadyrov came to the village Malaya Saran, the visiting relatives of the convicted person. However, the friendship with the first person is not helped to avoid the term.

As told “MK” the press-service of the court, except in real life, Hulimavu, was also banned for three years after his release, to do administrirovanie sites.

At the same time, according to lawyer Mary Bontsler, Halimov has already filed an appeal against the sentence. It is possible that the court of appeal will reduce the time, because Khalimov is the only breadwinner, and his family a few months ago a baby was born. On sentencing his wife Camilla arrived in court with a baby who was only 7 days old.