But some smaller events are still around, so completely upåakta hen has not the day passed in “real life”.

Kvenflagget hoisted for the first time

In Oslo was seven people gathered at. eight in morrest when kvenflagget was hoisted for the very first time. Also mayor Marianne Castle (SV) were present.

the Initiative to the hoisting of the kvenflagget came from ordførerens office. They would have lokallaget in the speech to hear about our views on the matter, ” says Nils-Einar Ørnebakk from Whom the Eastern part of norway that tells us that they were summoned to a meeting earlier in the winter.

And there they said of course not, no.

He says they are very pleased that the mayor of the Fortress would be together with them when the flag was hoisted in otherwise busy lives.

– historically, That was sus of flaggheisinga. This was incredibly important for all finns. Now it seems we in the capital. Then all that remains is to explain Oslo’s population what kind of flag this is, ” he says.

They understood to be scattered, kvenene who were gathered in Oslo. From ve. Anne Wilhelmsen, Ivar Dervo, Terje André Wollmann, Mary Kristiansen and Jan Daleng.

Photo: private

And Hilja Huru greatly appreciate it.

– There are hectic times for the country’s leaders around, but among other things, the mayor of Oslo Marianne Castle have taken the time to send a shout out to kvenene and the principal at the UiT Norway’s arctic university, Anne Husebekk, ” she says.

the Celebration in social media

But the big celebration is synonymous today has been on the social media.

– People have shared what has happened around social media and it is very good to say, said Huru.

– How is it to take the selection in such a special way?

– As you say, it is special, but it is necessary to do it that way.

in Several places is kvenflagget hoisted for the first time. It has happened, among other things, in Tana, in Oslo and in Trondheim. Huru say it’s good to see that there are new municipalities.

In a greeting on Facebook says Huru:

today we celebrate us, the kven people. So celebrate where you are with friends and family, in house and home. Celebrate the digital, and share your celebration on social media and show how you are celebrating, she urges.

From the heising of kvenflagget in Oslo.

Photo: private Greetings from many quarters,

And salutations to the kvenene, there are many of.

Troms and Finnmark county council have hoisted the flag to recognize the betydninga kven culture has for our region, ” says chief county executive of plan, economy and culture Anne Toril Eriksen Balto (Sp). She promises to work to ensure that the kven culture and language should revitaliseres and developed.

In a press release, she writes:

“Fylkesrådet has in its political platform devoted much space to work with sami and kven. It is an important signal, and a recognition of the betydninga as kven and norskfinsk culture has had and still has in our region. Not least, it is a proof of that the kven language and cultural competence is important and relevant also for the future”.

She sorry that koronaviruset do that the day can’t be celebrated the way it has been planned.

“We mark the still day through, to make us some thoughts about the positive development of the kven language and culture, and what we can do further to strengthen the development. “

Kvenflagget vaia in strong winds in many places, here at The office in Tromsø.

Photo: Laila Lanes / NRK

From the Truth – and forsoningskommisjonens secretariat, comes the following greeting from the leader of Liss-Ellen Ramstad:

“I take this opportunity to congratulate with Kvenfolkets day. The commission has even set into action and frastår from the travelling and participation in physical meetings in the time ahead. Kommisjonsarbeidet continue and the secretariat will be available on mail and telephone.”

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