A detainee with a dog Leonids made a statement

The singer Maxim Leonidov was detained, determined to ask, why delay others. As reported by REN TV, he told himself.

Maxim Leonidov detained in St. Petersburg

The day before yesterday, as reported by “the Rambler”, Leonidov and his wife actress Alexandra Kamchatova was detained by police in the Shuvalovsky Park in St. Petersburg. Visiting parks is forbidden there because of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19.

In respect of Leonidov and Kamchatova was drawn up under the law “About administrative offences in St. Petersburg” “Violation of requirements of normative legal acts aimed at introducing and ensuring high alert”.

The singer said that while walking his dog Bushi saw police detained several people in the Park and came over to inquire why. Then militiamen have detained and Leonidov and his wife have made in their relation to the Protocol.

“I’m sorry, in legal terms is not strong. I’m guilty, I’m the dog in the Park walking? Around it, not even tape!” — said the singer.