The demand for antiseptics in Moscow, the huge increase in pandemic coronavirus infection, began to decline. This was reported on Tuesday to journalists by the Deputy mayor Vladimir Yefimov.

"Now the demand is falling, and many manufacturers reduce the production of sanitizer and returned to foreign markets," he said. Efimov has informed that for two months and a half companies of the metropolis were issued more than 10 million packages of antiseptic, which then entered the capital’s pharmacies and was given to volunteer organizations. In this part of the enterprises for the production of antiseptics not only increased production capacity but even redeveloped their activities. "These measures allowed us to prevent any shortage of products to consumers and even provide these funds volunteers", – said Efimov.

In turn, the press service of the complex of economic policy and property and land relations, explained that among the companies who have successfully mastered a new direction, became the cosmetic factory of "Freedom", allocated in late March, additional production capacity for the production of antiseptics. In addition, as noted in the press service of the company Faberlic started the production of disinfectant hand gel in the middle of April, having passed all approvals for a record two weeks. "According to the company, less than six weeks from the conveyor descended more than four million bottles. Of the products the company sent to charity", – said the press service.