The Migros does not come to rest. The Central (MGB) in Zurich, roused the cooperative members last week with the sale intentions of Globus, Interio and Depot, and M-Way. At the same time Eastern Switzerland at the Migros cooperative in almost every day new austerity measures at the headquarters in Gossau SG and of the staff (a reduction of canteen grants, and co.) to light.

Now there is a fire in the Migros cooperative neuchâtel-Fribourg. Migros spokesman Tristan Cerf to VIEW: “The Migros-genossenschafts-Bund on Monday, 1. July, having regard to the unanimous decision of the administration of 27. In June, a criminal complaint, among other things, due to the fickle management filed.” It would leave the facts of the case officially and independently clarify. “The FMC has submitted to the office of the public Prosecutor in Freiburg to extensive documentation.”

The Migros spokesman continued: “The Directorate of GMNF supports the action of the Migros-genossenschafts-Bund.” For Mr. Piller, the presumption of innocence applies.

What happened?

“Has enriched a Migros-chief himself?”, today in large letters on the title of the “20 minutes”. An affair, in the center of the President of the Migros cooperative neuchâtel-Fribourg (GMNF) standing, occupied with the Migros-tip for months. The President is Damien Piller (61).

He has over two decades Chairman of the Board of the GMNF, but also as a lawyer and entrepreneur. And he is considered the father of Fabrice Zumbrunnen (49), since one and a half years at the helm of the Migros.

The commuter newspaper is apparently in possession of “various internal documents”. These research reports would suggest the suspicion that the President had performed in the own pocket. This is according to the report, about 1.7 million Swiss francs.

Explosive internal documents

According to the documents, 20 minutes and reconstructed the case in the following way: In the years 2014 and 2015, the GMNF has made two payments of 864 000 francs to companies the Piller module. The explosive about it: His company had realized in Belfaux, FR and La Roche FR properties, in each of which a Migros supermarket is rented. According to the Reports, acted Piller as legal counsel for the involved Immofirmen.

The Migros is a cooperative Federal, which consists of ten regional cooperatives. These include the Migros neuchâtel-Fribourg (GMNF).

you scored 2018 about 745 million francs in revenue – an increase of 0.2 percent compared to the previous year. Thus, it belongs to the smaller of the ten cooperatives. It has 2583 employees. For comparison: Nearly 10’000 for the Migros Eastern Switzerland. The largest Region belongs to the Migros Aare. The GMNF is behind the Valais and Ticino, the third smallest.

The signs are pointing to growth: In may, the Migros in Flamatt FR opened a new shopping center and 1. In July, a new supermarket in neyruz that burned to FR.

the core business of the Migros cooperative retailing is. But it was especially the non-food area, which has contributed to stable sales. Also, tourism offers and the club school courses run in the Region, albeit at a low level.

the administration of President Damien Piller is, against the current and serious allegations raised. Business head of the GMNF is for 2017 Jean-Marc Bovay, who had already made his teaching at the Migros. Noé Waldmann

The Migros Headquarters in Zurich got apparently information leaked. She left the money transactions by lights. Controller and later consulted lawyers from Baker and McKenzie found no plausible reason for the payments. “Apparently, does not identify which received services in the GMNF for the approximately 1.7 million Swiss francs specifically”, it says in the report, the attorneys at Migros, from which the Commuter paper cited.

make It appear that the money Damien had fins, Piller added. The speech is a fickle business management and a blatant conflict of interest.

muzzle for the Migros-top-of-Zurich –

The Migros Headquarters has not acted yet. You should have received a muzzle in the Form of a temporary injunction of the Piller, which would explain the Silence on the case. “Yes, due to a court order, we are not allowed to speak to us at the time of the facts of the case,” says Migros spokesman Tristan Cerf to LOOK.

Piller holds to “20 minutes”, that he denies all the charges. “Everything completely wrong”, he says. He is able to prove the legality of all payments made. He had also informed the Migros in order to avoid a conflict of interest and, if necessary, entered in the decision in the recusal.