a Resident of the Australian city of Melbourne has violated the regime of isolation and explained his behavior by saying that his neighbours were too loud having sex. It is reported by the LADbible.

the Man was detained in the evening on Sunday, August 9. He was sitting in his car at a distance of more than five miles from home. His behavior, the offender explained that his neighbor is too noisy had sex with your partner, the floor of which is not specified. The Aussie left, as he felt the behavior of the pair invasion of his personal space.

introduced According to the law restrictions due to pandemic novel coronavirus infection, residents can leave the house only for sports (once per day no longer than an hour) and for a hike for products (this is entitled only one person in each apartment or private house). This person must not move further than five kilometers from their homes. Is strictly prohibited on the street from eight in the evening until five in the morning.

Police gave the Aussie a fine and advised me next time not to go so far from home.

According to the newspaper, just a day at the weekend, police wrote 270 of fines for violation of the regime of self-isolation. The Australians were justified by the fact that he went to help a friend who wanted to eat in the restaurant in 27 kilometers from the house or playing Pokémon Go.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the Spanish city of Tortosa escaped from quarantine coronavirus for a first date with an Internet acquaintance. She was arrested for disobedience to the authorities and disobeying orders not to leave the house.