the people in the territory of the sports complex began to emerge from seven in the morning. “We’ve got a number of the office, I always in the morning I went for a swim and in the sauna to warm up. Bracing before work, explained one of “the lark” Boris. – Now I’m on remote, but the habit Covina story is not recaptured. Missed the water.”

later, about 10 o’clock, opened a water sports center. On the floor of the locker room – the social markup. However, in this case this is largely a formality, since the queue in this area even when sold out there. Finally, take a shower and go out to the water. Quite hot, but the instructors do not remove masks. “And you too, please put” – asks one of the employees of an elderly lady who had just emerged from the Jacuzzi.

But swimming, as usual, without masks and gloves. They still would be strange and uncomfortable. Especially because it is in Luzhnetskaya pools is the most advanced water purification system that kills bacteria. More than 30 filters, ozonation and ultraviolet radiation were all used to the coronavirus. And cleaning was carefully.

Wanted to ride a roller coaster, but the entrance to them is still closed. Failed and coffee cafes are not working. It is absolutely free to saunas. But the doors of the announcement, saying that more than eight people not to bathe.

most people were in the zone of the artificial wave. It is a favorite place for families with kids. Very reminiscent of the sea, which this summer for many is in short supply. Instructors do not keep my eye on the basin: five “squares” should fall in average per swimmer. See “Overdrive”, please go to another area. In sports pools on the track should be no more than ten people.