A British woman was sentenced to two years in prison for attempting to leave the plane in flight

In the UK, the court sentenced to two years in prison a woman who tried to open a plane door during the flight. 26-year-old Chloe Hines was found guilty of creating a dangerous situation on Board an aircraft and assaulting a crew member.

the Incident involving the British occurred in June 2019. Aircraft of Jet2 flying out to Turkey, was forced to return to Britain because of the violent passenger who screamed that he was “going to kill everyone”. Stewardess Charley Coombes tried to prevent the woman to open the door, and she lashed out at her.

according to the Independent, court Prosecutor reported that Hines was not aware of what does and does not remember anything about the incident, because before it was washed down the medication with alcohol.

the damage caused by the British, the airline was estimated at 86 thousand pounds (about 112 thousand USD).

on 10 February it was reported about the arrest in Yekaterinburg of aviakerosene, who swore, smoked in the toilet liner and refused to take his place. The man was detained at Koltsovo airport after landing. The man received three administrative penalty for failure to comply with the legal requirements of the aircraft commander, disorderly conduct and violation of the ban on Smoking tobacco.