A biologist described the consequences COVID 19 for brain and lung

MOSCOW, 16 APR – RIA Novosti. The doctors fixed lung volume reduction and deterioration of the brain in patients who severe suffered a coronavirus, said RIA Novosti Professor, School of system biology, George Mason University (USA) Ancha Baranova.

She also noted that patients with severe COVID-2019 there has been a lot of neurological symptoms.

“for Example, elderly people with severe symptom is confusion and disorientation. The ability of the virus to cause neuroinflammation is beyond doubt. How long it can last and how it will end is still not clear. Patients report that even after they are discharged from hospital, remains fatigue and the fog in my head,” – said Baranov.

the Biologist explained that how long will be maintained the impact of the disease is not yet clear.

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