A bill payment at the time of a pandemic

According to him, the bill has been sent for review to the government.

According to the initiative of the faction, a support measure is introduced for a period of up to 12 months during the period of alert or emergency.

– the New bill establishes a mechanism of direct financial assistance for citizens with low incomes either do not have the income at all, – said the MP.

Photo: iStock Russians told who want to be retrained during a pandemic coronavirus

the Income date by payment in the case of the amendments will be increased to the subsistence level in the region, Mironov said.

He explained the initiative risk of lower-income citizens amid the pandemic. The MP spoke about the cases of people sent on forced leave, transfer to part-time. “Technically they are not unemployed, but actually lose revenues,” – said Mironov.

In the case of adoption of the initiative people will be able to receive financial support from the state, he added.