Today gold prices on the spot market made new high in the autumn of 2012, reaching $1764,46 per Troy ounce. The demand for gold rises amid expectations the introduction of negative interest rates in the United States. In addition, a new wave of trade wars also contributes to finding investors protective tools. The demand for gold is present as specialized exchange-traded funds and Central banks of several countries.According to Reuters, in the first part of the day the price of gold reached $1764,46 per Troy ounce, which is 1.4% above the previous auction closing. This is the maximum since 12 October 2012. Last Friday the price reached a record high of 26 November 2012. Currently (at about 16:00) quotes remained above $1750 per ounce. Short-term inhibition of growth occurred in mid-March, when the wave of panic and the sale of liquid assets, gold prices fell below $1,500 per ounce. However, prices quickly recovered, and since the beginning of may, growth resumed unabated. Over the past week gold has risen in price by 3.5%.According to senior analyst “Factory investment ideas” BCS Vitaly Gromadina, since February of this year, with the exception of a short period in mid-March, “the yield on ten-year US government bonds minus inflation is negative”. This enhanced expectations that the fed rate may also go into the red next year. About this last week called on the US President Donald trump. Currently, investors are seeking assets with relatively low risk and the potential non-negative real yields, say market participants. In this situation, the gold capital preservation is perfect for this role. In addition, the head of Department of trading operations on the Russian stock market “freedom Finance” George Vashchenko notes that investors are concerned and expansion of trade wars at the end of the pandemic. US threatens China’s trillion-dollar suits and new fees and restrictions. However, he believes that the world is not prepared to revive the gold standard, but “against the backdrop of trillion issues the players appear to have fears for the stability of reserve currencies, primarily the dollar.””Therefore, we are seeing record investment in gold funds with physical metal storage,”— said Vitaly Gromadin. According to Bloomberg, exchange-traded funds investing in gold, continue to increase the assets. According to may 15, their assets rose to 98.6 million ounces — a new record value. Since the beginning of the year they increased by 19%. According to Georgy Vashchenko, reserves in gold and accumulate a number of national banks, until recently, have actively invested in the gold and the Bank of Russia.According to Mr. Vashchenko, in the case of a new wave of correction in the stock market ��whether the signals on the expansion of trade wars could increase prices above $1,800 per ounce. Mr. whoppers, with the announcement of a program of massive monetary support for the economy, estimates a clear growth potential to $1900 per ounce.The Department of Finance