A beacon of American Democrats woke up

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

In Qatar, the US and the Afghan Taliban (banned in Russia) signed a peace agreement. The Americans have pledged to withdraw its troops and NATO forces from Afghanistan for 14 months, if the Taliban will refrain from violence. In addition, the parties agreed to start an intra-Afghan dialogue, that is, the beginning of direct talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government. Of course, trump presents this event as a great diplomatic victory. But the reality for US is a complete failure and capitulation.

the Americans invaded Afghanistan 19 years ago to fight against the terrorist organization “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia). During this time, the peaceful life of the Afghans never came, the country is in ruins, and the government controls the country’s only half. But the production of drugs-opiates in Afghanistan over the presence of Americans has increased 40 times. And al-Qaida is not defeated. The terrorists have spread across the Middle East as ISIL’s fighters (banned in Russia).

the Agreement for trump — a move in the election campaign. The vote in November. If the Republican party with a candidate’s obvious — trump is clearly no forward to nil — the Democrats — no.

Author: Denis Davydov

running on the spot was like a part of Joe Biden in the presidential race until recently. From state to state is a beacon of Democrats trailed the primaries in the lagging. But in South Carolina woke up, came together and won.

Next to the former Vice-President and wife and a daughter, a son hunter on the scene did not take. The offspring, known dark deeds in the Ukraine, and so much spoiled the rating of his father. But the competitor Sanders receives one-half of the votes, and Biden all trying to convince: his campaign is still possible to revive.

“We are very much alive. I told you that you can nominate. You have put forward for the post of President bill Clinton, Barackand Obama. Now you have started our campaign on the way to victory over Donald trump. This campaign kicks off,” said Joe Biden, candidate for the U.S. presidency from the Democrats.

South Carolina state revealing. Every third resident is African American, and this section of sentiment of black America. There the day before the opinion poll gave trump. At the meeting with advocates, the President invited the 30-strong crowd.

And the Republicans — who, if not a trump? Their Republican primary in South Carolina, canceled as unnecessary. 4 years ago is it possible to imagine that he will be praying African Americans, and now in the White house from black activists are the revelations, which are expensive.

in African-Americans an unprecedented low level of unemployment, their wages are steadily increasing, and young people from black neighborhoods do not throw indiscriminately into prison.

“We look for results. Now we have a President who for 4 years could do a lot more than a black President for 8 years” — said one of the political activists.

If elected, a trump rating among African Americans was 8%, now — more 40. Blexit becomes a mass — movement of blacks that are fleeing the Democratic party — the party of Obama — the Republican party trump.

trump says, he loves the country, the Congress of the conservatives. Praises, the competition is not something that criticizes — parody. Remember the recent democratic debates, which is clearly not at ease was billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

trump accuses Bloomberg of trying to buy the presidency. People from dozens of richest people in the world have already spent on campaign $ 530 million. It and so outrageous a lot on the radio, on the Internet, on television, and even bought for 3 minutes of advertising in Prime time. Today on several channels will twist this video here. Trump won’t mention not once, but three minutes only and POUthinks like a real leader should help the country to avoid an epidemic of coronavirus.

In the USA — 62 patients, one died from infection. In Washington state suspect a hotbed of coronavirus in a nursing home. A trump in the week suggested us not to worry and gave advice in the spirit of “wash your hands before eating”.

Coronavirus now a much greater threat to trump candidate than trump-man. The virus could hit the U.S. economy, and because it is the pillar on which rests the whole election campaign of the President. The unprecedentedly high figures — an excuse to wash their competitors and brag to supporters. But even if this map will be a bit, trump on his hands — a new trump card. He is now a peacemaker.

the Almost 20-year presence of Americans in Afghanistan — near the end. The US and the Taliban signed the peace agreement. The Taliban agree to break up with “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) and not touch the neighbors. Washington promised that after 14 months not a single American soldier in Afghanistan will remain.

of Course, not the winners, the Americans will return home. In 2001, after the terrorist attacks of September 11, the Pentagon sent troops to Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban. Their movement recognized as a terrorist, and it still is. As still remain in the country, the Taliban, which Washington, along with thousands of NATO troops did and failed to do so.

In Kabul with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg agreement with the Afghan authorities signed us Secretary of defense Esper. For U.S. officials now anywhere safer than in Washington. Trump started staff redundancies.

Already on that, with what speed and in what quantities did the White house leaked to the press classified information, it was clear to the President a lot of enemies. The tramp said, with him is full of snakes. They figured about half a year to members of the administration watched, listened and here are the findings: on unreliable own file. “General cleaning” in the White house has already begun.

Disloyal is not easy to be asked for the threshold, will not allow them to build a career in the civil service. After the impeachment of posts already lost a few people who collaborated with the Democrats. Trump has proposed to the chiefs of intelligence, his chief counsel on the historical process of John Ratcliff.

This is the style of the trump — all to divide into friends and foes. So his antipathy to Harvey Weinstein, he did not hide, but reiterated: doesn’t like such a loving Hollywood producer. Filmmaker jury found guilty of crimes of a sexual nature. He faces up to 25 years in prison.

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