Veteran of the Second world war, Armando Piveta won another important battle in your life: this week, he is fully recovered from the coronavirus. It is reported by CNN.

99-year-old Peveto was discharged from the hospital of the Armed forces in Brasilia on April 14, after eight days of treatment. The doctors watched him at home since March 23.

According to the Ministry of defence of the country, Pivate became the oldest person who defeated the virus in Brazil.

“the Diagnosis was serious, given his age. But surprisingly, his condition improved,” said infectious disease physician who treated the veteran.

As reported by “the Rambler”, earlier in Italy from the coronavirus recovered 103-year-old woman.

Hell Zanusso, which in August will celebrate 104 years, during the week, struggled with a high fever and couldn’t get out of bed. The woman hardly ate anything, only drank, was always sleepy and did not respond to others. In a week, according to doctors, she opened her eyes again and “continued to do what was done before.”

Last week the world health organization said that the 107-year-old resident of the Netherlands became the oldest patient in the world, recovered from COVID-19.