Amber is like a window into the distant past. Inside the petrified resin is well-preserved fossils from millions of years back.

For scientists, this is a unique way to get a unique insight into the time when dinosaurs lived.

Now you have discovered what may be the least abundant of fossils of a dinosaur ever. The reptillignende the creature is considered to be almost 100 million years old.

It is compared with the world’s smallest, living bird, kolibrien. Found is 1.5 centimeters from the back of the head to the tip of the beak.

the WORLD’s SMALLEST BIRD: Øgla inside the amber is compared in size with kolibrien.

Photo: Darwin expedition 2008 Can provide new answers

the Discovery was made in Myanmar (formerly Burma), writes the scientists in the renowned journal Nature.

Lene Liebe Subset is paleontolog. She says the discovery is exciting in several ways.

– firstly, it is a puslespillbrikke to understand the link between dinosaur and bird. There is still a lot we don’t know about how some dinosaurs evolved into birds, says the Subset to NRK.

In addition, seems paleontologen that the size of the little dinosaur is exciting. The theory is that this creature lived on an island, where a portion of animals developed smaller body size than they did on the mainland. The evolutionary phenomenon is called øydvergvekst.

the Reason is not quite clear. It can be associated with the fact that there are fewer resources and less territories. Thus, a very large animal, ill-suited, because they need more food.

– So you can also understand the evolution better, ” says Subset.

because of The size of abundant of fossils, which have received the name Oculudentavis khaungraae, believe experts that some of the earliest birds evolved to be very small.

STUDY the DINOSAURS: Lene Liebe Subset says it is a mystery how the dinosaurs became birds.

Photo: Karsten Sund / University of Oslo Not seen anything like

Jingmai O’connor is paleontolog in China. She says this is one of the most rare she has seen.

O’connor says that no living creatures are built in the same way as the nested bird.

It has both teeth and a beak, and the discs around the eyes. Therefore believe that it has been active during the day

This reveals an ecological niche we never knew existed, ” he explains to National Geographic.

A discovery with bismak

Scientists believe that the tiny little creature seems to be closely related to the feathered dinosaurs, Archeopteryx and Jeholornis.

Through the years has made many important prehistoriske findings through the amber in Myanmar.

But the discoveries and forskninga have a bismak, tells Lene Liebe Subset.

the Amber, which is popular to use in jewelry, is ettertraktert. Often it is mined in the mines. Several suspect that the profit goes to the military objectives.

This is problematic because the united nations has stated that the military authorities in Myanmar driver ethnic cleansing against folkegruppen rohingya, which constitutes a crime against humanity.

the Situation is so complicated. You can not guarantee that each copy does come with a certain amount of pain, ” said Adolf Peretti of the New York Times.

He is gemmolog and driver GemResearch Swisslab. There is a private laboratory that specializes in tracking the origin of gemstones, such as amber from Myanmar.

The Norwegian paleontologen says this is the reason that many believe one should refrain from working with these findings.

– Amber is absolutely stunning, and here is going on a large-scale trade. There may be an ethical problem, ” she says to NRK.

CONDEMNED BY the united nations: Soldiers from the myanmarese regjeringshæren on patrol in Rakhine in the fall of 2016. Authorities in Myanmar have categorically denied that they have conducted systematic and organized massevoldtekter.

Photo: Thein Zaw / Thein Zaw