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Surrounded by physicians and is else announcing is the 95-year-old woman been a etterlengta gladnyheit in the country in the world that is hardast the frame of the new pandemic. She will be the oldest woman who has survived sjukdommen in Italy.

It is the Italian EU-where Fabio Massimo Castaldo who share the picture of the Corsini on Twitter.

A shy smile

She has been admitted to the local hospital in the small town of Pavullo Nel Frignano by Modena in the region Emilia-Romagna.

Castaldo write: “This hyggelege the chick in the picture is called Alma Clara Corsini, she is 95 years old, and has just come from # COVID19! Best wish to you, and a inderleg thanks to the medical staff at the hospital in Pavullo (Modena) for providing us with a shy smile!”

According to the local newspaper Gazetta di Modena was the woman admitted with korona-symptom 5. march. In the previous week was she written out and had to move back to the aldersheimen where she lives.

– Yes, I have it good and are fresh. Good man have fit well on me, and she said to the newspaper in the previous week.

Hardast frame

Italy is the country in the world that is hardast the frame of the new koronaviruset, with almost 70.000 sick and over 6800 died. The country has over twice as many died in China, according to figures from the Johns Hopkins University.

at the same Time step, the number of survivors. 8300 italienarar is enrolling healthy.

In the city of Cremona in Lombardy was one of the 97 years old man fresh for two weeks in the hospital. He is probably the oldest that has survived in Italy.

The oldest patient in the world who have survived the virus, is a 100-year-old chinese man. The sign the chinese nyheitsbyrået Xinhua earlier in march.

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