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Both health workers, border police and tax collectors were in place at Torp airport to catch the plane.

– Now we will take all the procedures that the government imposes on us. Health care provider is present and registers each passenger, ” says Tine Kleive-Mathisen, head of marketing at Torp.

All who arrive in Norway now have the right in a 14-day quarantine.

– We explained the rules in the Uk clearly. First on the plane and then when they came to control, ” says Silvester von Leeuwen, responsible for the health of the Torp.

One of the workers that NRK was chatting with said that they had not any other choice than to return to Norway, because the NAV-system and permitteringspenger not apply in Romania. The man works as a plumber in the Bay. His employer had also provided information that there was much to do.

Five sent home again

Five of the 90 were sent back to Romania, because they had a work permit in Norway.

the Government relieved in the previous week at border control so that foreign seasonal workers easier can help in Norwegian agriculture, reports TV 2.

– Now we make the changes so that people who have an employment contract that they shall, in a job in Norway can come to Norway, says the ministry of justice and beredskapsminister Monica Mæland (H) to the channel.

Still to be karanteneregler apply, ” emphasizes the minister.

Workers needed

Many farmers are relieved of that seasonal workers who have special expertise and who have worked here for many years, now finally is allowed to come into Norway.

– It is very important. There are some who dread to the season starts, “says Thorleif Müller, head of Norway’s farmers’ union, Vestfold.

JORDBÆRBONDE: Thorleif Müller.

Photo: Helena Rønning / NRK

Müller is even jordbærbonde and is not dependent on seasonal workers until June. He starts right over easter.

– In the harvest I hoped for 50 pieces. I know not yet if I get to, ” he says.

a Difficult choice

The largest dilemma many farmers now facing is how hard they are going to play. The government has encouraged that one should drive as normal, but with even higher uncertainty than normal, there are many farmers who must make a difficult choice.

– Especially grøntprodusentene, which gets 90 percent of its income of the market on the other side of summer, ” says Müller.

He is, however, clear that it is important that they manage to produce at least as much as usual.

– We have a great responsibility.

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