These need the Cattle if you are led by the herdsmen on the stage, while eleven of the singer in front of 20’000 spectators to sing in the Arena, the legendary Kuhreigen (Ranz des vaches). In a cow-Casting in Savigny VD, a Miss of choice and quality, nothing, has selected a Jury on Saturday, the most suitable animals.

Around 90 animals to choose from. To belong to the “Chosen ones” of Hollywood, Praline, Edith, Griotte and Venise. You don’t know it yet, but you will of 18. July to 11. August are among the Stars of the Winzerfests. Like their human colleagues, the ungulates will be available once per day in the spotlight.

“must be The candidates in the second month of pregnency, so that they are during the performances of quiet,” said Eric Sonnay news Agency Keystone-SDA. The cattle breeders from Palézieux VD is responsible for all the animals of the Fête des Vignerons.

“The cows must not be too lean and need to have beautiful udders and a charismatic gait.” In addition, you need to give 20 liters of milk per day; morning and evening milking in Vevey, and the milk is then processed to cheese.

Each cattle breeder is only allowed to send a cow to the Fête. Selected animals of the breeds Simmental, Montbeliard, Swiss Fleckvieh and Holstein/Red Holstein. The animals come from the Vaud regions of Oron-Lavaux and the Montreux Riviera and the Freiburg vivisbach district.

the cows are in Need of a workout? “Not really,” says Sonnay. The owner would only be asked to get used to the animals several weeks prior to the start of the performances at the halter and move to something with them.

“don’t worry, cows are easy to raise, and do so very quickly. Rather, they are the herdsmen, need the Practice,” says Sonnay with a Laugh. “Because some of the actors are not farmers and have never done a cow.”

The 40 four-legged Stars, and about five reservist indoor living during the Fête des Vignerons on a dedicated farm only a stone’s throw from the Arena. Eight horses, a mule, a Pig, a sheep and fifteen goats will be your neighbors. A six-member Team takes care of during the festival to animal welfare.