Simply say Thank you – to all the sons and daughters this coming Sunday. Because in the 12. May is mother’s day! However, the annual bouquet of Flowers is now boring and, unfortunately, not a big Surprise. This year, Mama should get something Personal and Unique. With these gifts, you will find exactly the Right thing!

relaxation with Wonderbox

Many mothers want nothing more than a relaxing break. The ideal gift idea, therefore, is a Wonderbox. The gift Box contains approximately 5200 experiences, from which you can choose. Plus point: you give your mommy the coupon, but what she takes at the end, you can decide for yourself.

Personalized wooden Board in the shape of a heart

For moms who love to cook, is a wooden Board. Even better when it’s a nice message to the kids is waiting. The customizable Board, therefore, is not only useful, but giving the mother every day with a Smile while cooking.

Mama’s rolling pin

And the same for kitchen enthusiasts: a rolling pin with engraving. Baking cookies has never been more Fun than with your own wall of wood. For the engraving, you can choose between two fonts, and finally the name of the mom in wood engraving.

Memory game with photos

photo books are now almost old-fashioned, and dusty, often in the bookshelf. A playful Alternative to this are photo memories. The popular children’s game can be personalized with your own photos. To do this, simply upload images, send the order and a few days later on the evening a pleasure.

Engraved flower vase

Who can’t resist the bouquet of Flowers, may it present this year, in a personally engraved Vase. The Text is fix, name, however, can be personalized for a unique gift experience.

photo-watch for Delayed

you just come always to late for the family meeting? Then this gift is the perfect Gag! Give your mother a clock with your desired photo, and you promise to appear in the future, always on time.

Embroidered towel

So mom also has to think of the daily Routine in the bathroom: Give your beloved mother a personalized towel. This can be embroidered with the initials of the recipient. And: From now on, it is obvious who owns which towel belongs to out of the closet.

Do-it-yourself-surprise box for craft-Fans

For a Highlight on mother’s day, a surprise box. These can be folded multiple times apart and opened the door. A template for the Box you can order online label and glue one to you.

cake with unique cake server

Now it is: bake a cake! Give your mommy something that quenches the desires of your sweet, and you make a cake. As a special Highlight, there is a personalized cake server that must be equal to celebrate his debut.