checks for the past two weeks, with around 328 companies, it appears that, of the 280 firms, which do not comply with the coronamaatregelen. That’s according to figures obtained by the party as Green on the premier Wilmès (MR).

the figures, which is a Green Member of parliament, the Public Also has printed, it turns out that in the inspection department, Monitoring the well-being at Work (TWW) during the period march 23-april 3, 704 coronagerelateerde complaints have been registered. The department has also conducted 750 inspections at a distance, including by telephone and a questionnaire is being presented. With 85 per cent of the companies did the staff fail to abide by the rules and there is not enough distance to be with each other. – Member of the Public Also (in Green) responded to those upset at the Radio 1 “In 85 per cent, of the cases where on-the-spot have been a warning to give you. In 20 cases, it was decided to also include the manufacturing floor to the exit. 85 per cent, which could have been better. That would be too much.” 52 employers are also given a time limit imposed to comply, and to 1 the company was given an incident report.

Controls from the remote:

“You are playing with the health of its employees is so lax with its guidelines, in order to” respond to Also. “A lot of businesses to comply with the rules, but threatening to the victims of those who are not serious with the guidelines,” said the Green politician. “In our behaviour that determines how the curve is going to change. The stricter we are, the actions will follow, the better the measures can be reducing. But it can’t go back to work if it is in the safest of circumstances, it can be done”.

The inspection service AT that is currently totally used to the controls and the necessary control measures. The inspection can be either proactive action, as a response to a complaint.

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