Quite a few corporations in our country have to follow the new preventive measures for corona virus is not enough. That’s according to figures published by the office of the minister of Work, She can Count on (CD&V). It was in a very short period of time, more than 170 of the complaint, and that the labour inspectorate has 7 companies were closed. “The situation is too serious to be relaxed in order to deal with the health of the workers,” says the Count.

“We know that there are a lot of companies have the appropriate preventive measures, with a lot of care, but the symptoms were alarming, and the results of the checks are not good,” said the minister of Work, She can Count on (CD&V). “Work is very important, but it’s supposed to be safe to be able to do that.’ The prime minister is calling for all employers and employees, and to the prevention measures as a very bow-tie from time to time. The situation is too serious to be relaxed in order to deal with the health of the people on the shop floor.”

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finally, The labour inspectorate received: from 23 to 25 march with 176 complaints, of the preventive measures for corona virus. About 245 of the companies were, therefore, the call is checked against the checklist . And, for the 96 firms were the auditors for the on-site visit. In the latter, a total of 84 breaches are identified. Only 12 companies were in good condition.

the Doors:

some 77 companies were given a warning and must be forced to close if a new complaint is received. A large part of it was also a time limit imposed where they are necessary measures in order to bring. 7 companies presented the inspection found that there was not a single measure to be followed. The companies that have been through the inspection and closing.

The breaches in the workplace is not only a clean workplace, and if proper hand hygiene practices as is possible. It is also considered to be sufficient distance between the co-workers. And, as the social distancing, it is not possible, or there is plenty of action to be taken, such as surgical masks and gloves.

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the Preliminary checks, the labour inspectorate only in the companies in which the complaints are coming in, but will keep an eye on how it checks in the next few days and weeks of action. The situation is being monitored around the clock, and it examines how the hormone may be what it sounds like.

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