The museums of Moscow during the first day after the lifting of restrictive measures was visited by 784 people. This was announced on Tuesday, the Chairman of the Commission of Moscow city Council on culture and mass communications Evgeny Gerasimov radio "Moscow speaking".

"we Have a Museum opened June 16, at the electronic record, they were visited by 784 people (for the first day – approx. TASS)," he said.

Gerasimov noted that the largest attendance seen in museums located near the Park territories.

"First day – not an indicator. Obviously, statistics will increase," he added.

While Gerasimov stressed that the work of museums should be done gradually, "so there was no rush, no accumulation of [people]".

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin on 8 June reported that museums and galleries can be opened from 16 June (assuming the e-tickets). They will be required to comply with the limits for the number of simultaneous visitors. Visitors please do not forget about masks, gloves, and social distance. Museums are also encouraged to sell tickets for the sessions to avoid crowds.