electric cars are in terms of their range today, certainly a lot more flexible than they were a few years ago. Tesla’s Model S in the design with maximum range comes with a battery charge, for example, an impressive 600 miles – but this will cost at least as impressive 87,000 euros.

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Who does not want to spend quite as much, must, accordingly, schedule, unfortunately, also less range. The battery capacity is still one of the limiting factors in terms of electric mobility. Secret stockpile discovered: Here VW parks its unsold electric cars, FOCUS Online/Wochit Secret stockpile discovered: Here VW parks its non-electric cars

battery bought trailer used as a mobile charging station

Now was the brainchild of the French company EP Tender a little, this promises to be uncomplicated and without a long Wait at the charging station more reach: It is a battery-trailer with a capacity of 60 kilowatt-hours to bring the car again to 390 kilometres. The trailer is intended for the Renault Zoe, whose range, he would double his charge to a total of nearly 800 kilometers. But other electric cars should be able to use the EP Tender, which comes with chic chrome accents on the white paint, therefore,.

the EP Tender would not sell his followers, however, primary, but rent. Those who take a longer ride and know (or later realize) that he needs more energy for the journey book by App, a trailer, picks him up in a Parking space and continues the journey easy. Arrived at its destination, it can be parked the trailer in a Parking space, where it is loaded. All of the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test, FOCUS Online/Wochit All the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test

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A YouTube Video of the company shows how fast the goes to the trailer on the Auto install takes only a few seconds actually. Here is also one of the biggest weaknesses of the EP Tender is a however, He of course needed a trailer hitch. However, these have only the least electric cars. No tow bar should be present on equipping the EP Tender to the car, but for 600 Euro.

cost: 10,000 euros – but also it is possible to hire

if Anyone would like to purchase a battery followers private, you can buy him for 10,000 euros. A one-time rental of the EP Tender will, however, cost-per-battery charge of only 34 euros.

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had Originally begun by the French Start-Up with the development of an internal combustion engine in the trailer, which should also extend the range of electric cars. The prices for batteries, but be like now so far, that you could switch to a trailer with a built-in battery, reported golem.de.

According to the EP Tender is negotiating with Renault and Groupe Peugeot Société Anonyme (PSA) that includes, among other things, Citroën and Peugeot, the fact that the manufacturers equip their electric cars with a trailer hitch and a plug. The necessary approval for the EP Tender is to be issued in 2022.

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