1. The dream beach of Cala Macarella

On the island of Menorca, there are no three-star restaurants or luxurious exclusive hotels in the neighboring Mallorca. Instead, the Balearic island’s Mediterranean port town, and the Spanish joy of life without mass tourism madness. The beaches in the South of Menorca, seem even Caribbean. Including the Cala Macarella, one of the most beautiful bays in Europe. The white limestone are lined with dense forest. In the clear water you can snorkel and swim.

The beach is only accessible on foot. Especially nice is the arrival on the trail Camí de Cavalls is, from the beach of Cala Turqueta from en.

2. Hiking on the Camí de Cavalls

This former Equestrian route is 185 km long and leads around the island. The best he can with a guided Tour of the best riding, because on the road there are only a few accommodations. The entire way in about ten days of moving. Who would like to make an effort in the holiday is less, you can pick a certain stage.

the luck of the island is also wonderful from the back of a horse to discover. For a horseback ride through the countryside of Menorca, you must have no riding experience.

3. The beach of Cala Pregonda

Who is in search of a secluded, untouched nature, is on this beach find. Cala Pregonda is situated in the less crowded, unspoilt the North of Menorca. Here there are no tourist facilities such as Restaurants or Bars. The nearest towns are a long way away. The best way to reach, is the Cala Pregonda from the neighboring beach Binime-La. On the walk from the car Park it takes about half an hour. The water is shallow and offshore Islands are protected, which is ideal for families with children.

The Region in the North of Menorca, with its white volcanic rock is breathtaking. In this marine reserve, nature still follows its natural rhythm.

4. Menorcan culinary delights: It and Ensaimadas

The Brits love their Gin. At the beginning of the 18th century. Century, the British occupiers introduced the Spirit on the island of Menorca. Since then, he is burned on the island. Thanks to its special aroma it has established itself on the world market. In addition to the mandatory juniper flavoured berries the Gin in Menorca with wine – be sure to try it! With a local wine, the Menorcan drink of It, including Zitronenlimo and ice cubes is refined. Then you can swing the dance leg.

another culinary Highlight on the island of Menorca, the Ensaimadas, a sugar-sweet pastry with pumpkin jam are. They fit perfectly to a Cup of coffee or offer as a gift.

5. The island’s capital, Mahón

The elegant capital city of Mahon (Catalan: Maó), with its whitewashed buildings glistening in the sunshine, when you walk with the boat in the Harbor. The natural harbour, after Sydney, the second-longest in the world. On the market of Maó, one can find all sorts of tasty Treats also make lovely gifts. A special feature is the many Shoe shops, the finished part by Hand, the typical Menorcan leather sandals (Avarcas) are. For beach lovers, the 20-minute drive is worth it to the beach of Cala en Porter, with its chic Felsenbar Cova d’en Xoroi, where you can enjoy a Drink in the sunset.

6. The town of Ciutadella

Ciutadella is a charming port city with its Baroque palaces in the West of Menorca. The cool streets with their historic buildings and boutiques are good places to Browse. The town is famous especially for the Festival “Festes de Sant Joan”, that makes the city for three days to the centre of the island. The Highlight of the festival on Midsummer’s day (June) are the riders perform with their horses, pieces of art.

Near the town of Ciutadella, Cala en Brut. From the rocky terraces you can jump into the cool water.

7. The “designed” Binibequer Vel

The relatively “young” place Binibequer Vel (also known as Binibeca Vell) – formerly a fishing village was first developed in the ‘ 70s, and a tourist destination. The authenticity is obtained by the small white houses made of clay and the narrow streets in an upright position. Here you can go like in a maze on a tour of discovery. In some of the secluded corners of Binibeca is reminiscent of the Greek Santorini. Outside the main season, the silence is almost mystical.

The resort was designed by the Minorcan architect Antonio Sintes Mercadal, in order to attract visitors to Menorca. At the same time the 165 houses in the village make great accommodations.

8. The natural Park of S’Albufera d’Es Grau

Since 1993, Menorca is a Unesco-certified biosphere reserve. The inhabitants of the island have a great passion for sustainability. At the heart of the reserve, the lagoon of S’albufera d’es Grau. Here you will find rare species of birds abound. The shallow water is ideal for families with children inviting. Also for water sports such as SUP (Stand up Paddle) and paddle boat rides on the lagoon offers. There is even a small Kiosk.

The conservation Park covers over 5000 hectares of Land and sea area different landscapes. Menorca is particularly for the types of Neptune grass meadows (Posidonia oceanica) is known to be rich. Snorkeling is worth it!

Mallorca – the party island? Of due! In the off-season, the largest Balearic island has a typical Mediterranean charm, including a cozy rhythm of life, good wine and the heat of the sun. Did you know that the Mallorcan wine is also fantastic wines?


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