8 a.m., the day begins and for Dr. Jan Schubach (41) the shift ends. He is one of 360 doctors, for the doctor of Hamburg (116117) in use and in the fight against Corona in the first row.

Eight hours he was in service: 22 home visits, 20 phone consultations, 15 smears, 150 kilometers. Even for a Cup of coffee in between, there is no time.

In the past three weeks, Dr. Schubach around 400 Corona has carried out Tests. Any suspicion means an enormous sense of duty – even if the smear test only takes seconds: coat, gloves, respiratory protection mask, plexiglass glasses.

Test in the chord: Dr. Schubach takes a swab photo: Private

After the visit, he disposed of the protective clothing, labeled the samples, which are sent to the laboratory from the UKE. Schubach: “all the devices such as a stethoscope, and pulse oximeters must be disinfected after each examination.”

in Order to keep the time of the patient as close as possible, asks Schubach specific information about the disease, according to the specifications of the Robert Koch-Institute in advance by telephone.