We have it good. The next Snack is rarely more than a handle. But our eating habits has already been programmed prior to 450 million years ago, when we were still fish, and a correspondingly small brain. This old program no longer fits but in the modern world of cheap Fast Food. The Traps are lurking everywhere. We want to avoid them, we need to know how our eating behavior is programmed.

The most important point is: Our brain-stem is on calorie-rich foods programmed. It is able to detect the smell and pours all the more happiness hormones from the closer the food is. So: Access! But if the fat content increases, the cells, pour this the satiety hormone Leptin. Also, a full stomach, and the pressure on the wall of the stomach signals to the brain to saturation. The food in the large intestine is reached, it is decomposed by intestinal bacteria. They inform the brain via the vagus nerve on the composition of the food. Vitamin and minerals are there enough? If not – replenishment!

Extreme avoid and age habits reflect

the Hypothalamus plays in between the brain the Central role. He ensures that our weight returns to starvation, pregnancies, eating orgies, etc. are always in the normal range (Set-Point). But in the last few decades, this Set-Point moves further and further upwards. In Switzerland 40% of the people are now overweight. This is because the Hypothalamus receives today a lot of unusual signals, and cannot process correctly.

Each Kilo is too much shortens life, it means always. But there is also evidence to suggest that a bit more could be of benefit to the Ribs. To Orient themselves in the confusion of research results is difficult: it Is round at the end but healthy?


actually, This is unfair: We are trimmed to take the most energy-density food. We do this too often, we program in a higher Set-Point. Then also diets lead only to a Yo-Yo effect. There’s only one: Our Essprogramm must remember back to the original – healthy Set – Point. We need to reprogram. But how? The diet researchers Stephan J. Guyenet has carefully studied this question. He has the following tips.

Delicious food

avoid The very great danger comes from the extensive Völlereien with very energy-rich food to the Christmas and new year period. The high Leptin distributions of the Hypothalamus not. He holds, as it were, the ears and leptin is resistant – he takes the saturation of the signals is no longer true.
temptation of remote

Dangerous to keep, even if at home or in the office high-calorie Snacks are in reach. Experiments show, however, is that it brings in a little Hunger if you must, as it were – to crack the nut first before you nibble. So: The temptation to keep away obstacles incorporate chocolate bars and Chips not only shopping, food, prefer, prepare as once – only.
fiber rich food

The modern diet is very poor in fibers. As a result, the stomach expands less quickly, and the intestinal flora is getting worse. The casing can win less of the vital substances from the food pulp. Both will weaken the saturation of the signals. So either fiber food (lentils rich instead of pasta), or dietary fibre add to.
compromise on taste comment

Of all the common foods potatoes offer the by far the best saturation. But to decide in favour of potatoes and against pie, overwhelmed most of the time the will-power. It is worthwhile, therefore, to accustom its palate to food, which in terms of saturation and palatability somewhere in the midfield. Potato casserole with bacon and cream. Or Avocados. Protein in eggs nourishes also above average. Considering this, you can survive Christmas slimmer.
reduce stress

Chronic inflammation cause the release of cortisol, which induces, in turn, the body to handle the Stress with sweets or fat what works. This means that you can strengthen through stress reduction (Meditation, renunciation of vegetable Oils with lots of Omega-6 fats, etc.) the Lipostat. Also diets lead to Stress and promote chronic inflammation. Therefore, the Set-Point is following a diet is often higher than before.

people have a natural Movement. This is suppressed by office work, escalators, mobile phone, etc. over a longer period of time, the Lipostat false signals. He turns our organism on the back burner for a calorie surplus. Exercise helps, by the way, in the reduction of Stress and suppressed – temporarily – the hunger feelings.
In times of food

Late meals bring the biorhythm of a mess, they promote the inflammatory process and deregulate the Lipostat.
glutamate avoid
This flavor signals to the brain a fat Roast. This mass way of Dopamine are released – and the feeling of satiety spilled. Also, many “natural” dyes in the industry of food have a similar sales-promoting effect.

So it’ll work with the weight loss: the 21-day principle, instead of torment diet. We give tips and ideas on how to keep track of his weight-loss goal in the long term and easily in the next Bikini season can start.